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You’ve purchased a great piece of hardware, but now what? Our screens are all available with a simple plug and play option; but to really get the most out of your digital signage you can hook it up to the internet and use a CMS platform to create and deliver new content to your screen straight from an intuitive and powerful online management system.

We partner with NowSignage to offer a CMS with unrivalled functionality – and you can manage your own content online using the intuitive platform.  Alternatively, allow our creative juices to flow and we’ll create digital eye-candy that will turn heads and make you stand out from the crowd.

Digital Signage for Tattoo Parlour


A cloud-based Digital Signage CMS

Every customer has a different digital signage requirement and it is never one size fits all. That’s why NowSignage have built an online platform that enables you to show almost any form of content on any screen!

NowSignage enables you to upload video and image files to your asset library. While also making it easy to reliably and securely stream live YouTube channels, webpages, dashboards and social media feeds to your screens.

In a world where digital connectivity is everything, your business needs technology it can depend on. The team of developers are constantly releasing automatic platform updates to advance our features at no extra cost to the customer.


Experience the simplicity of great digital signage. With all content managed via the app and no additional hardware components, it’s no longer complicated to set up digital signage.


The innovative technology gives you 24/7 uptime with or without internet connection. Playing the content directly from local storage ensures maximum reliability and security.

Powerful & Intuitive

User Interface

NowSignage is widely recognised for having one of the most slick and intuitive user interfaces on the market. The customisable dashboards allow you to have complete visibility into the live up-time status of each and every screen.

Turn on account notifications to receive automatic email updates of your screen up-time statuses, or share these high-level screen stats with the senior management teams and stakeholders.

Content Design

High Quality Visuals From Elev8

At the Digital Sign Shop, we don’t just supply the latest in digital signage hardware. Having a great screen is one thing – it is what you put on it that will make you stand out from the crowd.

Digital Sign Shop is part of the Elev8 Media Group – and the intrepid team at our partners Elev8 Design are on-hand with mouse-fingers at the ready – waiting for your instruction to create digital eye-candy that will elev8 your business to new heights.

Harness the power of digital signage today with the market leading hardware, a CMS unrivalled for its funtionality and ease of use and content creation from the best in the business. Expensive? Well, decide for yourself…

We've Got You Covered

Whatever the nature of your business or organisation, we can create high quality and engaging content.

The team of designers at our in-house design agency Elev8 Design work with clients large and small to create interesting, eye-catching content for businesses and organisations across a wide range of industries and sectors.

Whether you’re displaying a menu, promoting a product, publicising an event or simply relaying important safety information – we can produce fully bespoke content that makes the most of your digital signage and which will make you stand out from the crowd.

Our Pricing

Fly solo with a CMS only package, or sit-back and let us create and manage your signage content for you.

CMS OnlyFly solo!£15.99

  • Create your own content and manage it all via the NowSignage platform.  Training provided and demo access available.
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CMS Subscription + Platinum Content Package£59.99

  • Includes CMS subscription.
  • High quality bespoke visuals designed by our experienced team.
  • Management of content and implementation up to 10 minor changes to content each month.
  • Major content overhaul every 3 months.
  • Rolling 30 day contract.
  • £99.00+VAT set-up fee per screen for initial content waived (requires annual payment).
  • High-quality images sourced from Adobe Stock – no limit*.
  • *If stock video footage is required, an additional one-off licence fee will apply.  For bespoke video content, please enquire.
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